Paying Utilities


1. Electric

Neighbor energy fund:

C. Other financial assistance: Mass SAVE or Citizens Energy:

D. Pay something.  Pay what you can.  Depending on your bill and your account, even making a partial payment may cause them to just roll over the rest of the bill to the next month.

E. Defer your payments.  Once you miss a payment, you can call and arrange for a payment plan where they will take your current bill and split it up over six months.

2. Cable/Phone Companies

A. Lower your bill.  If you qualify for any type of assistance from state or federal government, you can apply for and receive a 12-month low income discount on your cable bill. 

B. Call to negotiate a lower rate.  Tell them you will cut off the cable if you can’t negotiate a lower rate. They will move you to a different number where you will get new, lower options for your service.

C. Defer your payments.  Call and explain you are on strike and will win, and be back to work with a better contract, but you need to negotiate a different, lower payment for now.