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1. Get a copy of the letter from the union/hotel to let your landlord or mortgage holder know you are out of work.

  1. MA Housing Court is putting off almost all evictions between now and April 21
  2. Mortgage: Federal HUD helpline, available 24 hours a day: 888-995-HOPE
  3. Rental assistance and rehousing: MA Division of Housing Stabilization: 877-418-3308
  4. Local Mortgage Councilors:

5. Boston Renters: For Boston residents, go to and call 617-635-4200, in addition the following landlords will not be evicting Boston tenants throughout the crisis: Trinity Financial, Winn Companies, The Community Builders, and all CDCs, 7.

If you have a notice to quit the premises, please call our Legal Fund, 617-367-1100×780 and ask for Ed Regan.  If they cant help and/or you need mediation services to provide conflict resolution with a landlord call Community Dispute Settlement Center, Inc: (617) 876-5476 or Somerville Mediation Program: (617) 625-6600

Other renters:


1. Child Support: Call 211 or go to

2.Child care support: Call 211 or go to

3.. If you have a court order to pay child support, please call our Legal Fund, 617-367-1100×780 and ask for Ed Regan. 


1. Eligibility is extended to April 25th

2. Call (800) 841-2900 or go online


If you work for a Teamsters Local 42 Employer that belongs to the Pre-Paid Legal, please call Regan Associates, LLC at 617-367-1100.  Additionally, you may Greater Boston Legal Services: 800-323-3205.